Scholarships For Your Child

Here is some information on the process to obtain a scholarship for your child


The Golden Dome Scholarship Fund Inc. was founded for the purpose of providing scholarship funding so that students currently in public school might have the support necessary to attend a qualified private school. These scholarships are funded by individuals and businesses normally from your community.

The Golden Dome Scholarship Fund accepts applications from schools only and deducts the amount of their request for your scholarship from donations that have accumulated in that school's name within our fund. We do not determine the amount of the scholarship. If funds are available, and the school has elected you to receive a particular amount, then that is what will be disbursed.

As more money is contributed to your school's scholarship fund, an increased level of funding will be available for scholarships. We therefore encourage you to urge your neighbors, friends and businesses to contribute to the Golden Dome Scholarship Fund.

Scholarship Application Process

See the process of a scholarship application with a private school of your choice.

Become Eligible

To become eligible for scholarship funding, parents should first contact the private school they would like their child to attend.

Complete Application

Once the school accepts the student, you must complete a scholarship application.

Wait for Submission

The application will be signed by the head of the school and then forwarded to us.