Donating Information

Here is some helpful information on how to get started with the donating process.
(All donor requests must be submitted electronically)

Option 1: Georgia Tax Center

Individuals may go to the Georgia Tax Center (GTC) web site and register. Once you have a Login for the GTC web site, individuals may then enter their Donor's request information. There is no way to test the process with this option.

Option 2: Golden Dome Fund

Golden Dome will input your request to the Georgia Tax Center. However, you also have the option to test out how the process works without submitting any data. When you receive your approval letter, You have 60 days to mail your donation to Golden Dome. Our PO Box is listed at the bottom of this page.

Maximum Georgia State Tax Credit Limits

Max Individual Filing Single: $1,000.00
Max Individual Filing Married Separate Return Single: $1,250.00
Max Couple Filing married Joint Return: $2,500.00
Max Corporation Credit: 75% of tax due

All Pass Thru (Sub Chapter S, LLP,LLC,Partnerships, etc.) can now donate up to $10,000.00 but no more than the obligated Georgia Income Tax.

Remember, we issue you a tax credit. Not a form for a tax deduction. Your SSO1 is the same as cash money. Keep it safe!

Federal and State Tax Deduction

See your tax preparer to determine the eligibility of both Federal and State tax deduction.